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Tule Review publishes once a year. The journal showcases new & established writers from the region as well as across the nation. The staff has nominated several of its published poets for the Pushcart Prize. The journal, founded in 1993 by Patrick Grizzell, Mary Zeppa & Julia Connor, premiered as a tabloid publication. Over the years, the format has changed, but Tule has maintained its commitment to publishing work representative of high standards of the literary arts. This year, Linda Jackson Collins will be Editor-in-Chief, following Susan Kelly-DeWitt's wonderful "return" edition.

The images at left show the original and the latest editions of Tule Review.



SPC has launched work on the premiere edition of its New Rivers Quarterly Chapbook series. The first issue will be edited by El Dorado Poet Laureate Lara Gularte, and will include poems by members of the Mule Creek State Prison poets workshop of which she is a facilitator.


Poets and writers at Mule Creek State Prison participate in writing circles that facilitate access to meaningful dialogue about writing among peers. Some are staff and writers for the prison newspaper, The Mule Creek Post. Many are published in notable journals and magazines such as Journal X, Colossus Press, Illuminations, Iron City Magazine. A few have books on Amazon. (One member, Mike Owens, has excerpts from his collection of poems The Way Back, Random Lane Press, 2023, in this issue of Poet News.) Their voices reach outside prison walls, empowering them with free expression.  We wish to celebrate that expression.

The mock up of the cover shows an illustration by  workshop member Nathaniel Blalock.





More than Enough celebrated its release in August! We have copies available for sale in the SPC office.


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